If you came here expecting to find a haven for camelids...particularly Guanacos, Vicunas, Alpachas and Llamas...then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.


This site is dedicated to the followers of a certain type of play of the game known as "Football Manager" (previously known as "Championship Manager"), namely the Lower League Manager, or LLM, or LLaMa (you see where we're going?).

The LLaMa is a strange animal (the Lower League Manager, not the Llama...this can get confusing).  He doesn't like to tip, brag or cheat on his way to success or failure in his game, he likes to do it using his own mettle.

This actually presents another kind of problem.  What to put on a site like this, given that "Good Player Guides" or "Tactics and Training Tips" are frowned upon with such intensity that LLaMas have actually lost their eyebrows through sheer pressure (not..erm...camelids, although eyelids are close, I suppose).

So, basically, we have a Forum where like-minded individuals can meet and discuss all types of stuff...music, politics, LLM...anything really.

















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